Wednesday, April 07, 2010

...on otakuology part one:

a return to geekery: den'an zon and vigna ghina

when the bastard had gotten out of college in 1993, he was still working at a grocery store that he was exiled to in early 1992 as the management was trying to push every decent paid part timer into quitting by sending them to inconvenient places. robbo was the smarter of us when he told management to fuck off. the bastard had decided to ride out his exile until the end of college. by the summer of 1994, he was still there. now truth to tell. in the time i was working at store 5 in forest hills, i made the place my own and used it as the jump off for many drunken escapades when i had a car to get me there and back.

QUICK SIDEBAR: i used to drive a 1974 ford maverick. it was quit when i bought it off of dean thriller in early 1992 for 200 bucks and by the time graduation was coming around, the maverick was falling apart. i mean it ran. their ain't a thing on god's green earth that can kill a straight 6 engine in my book. it's just that my old blue shit box that belonged to a murdered cop and that i kept a beer tap on the shifter of was rotting around that straight 6. by april of 1993 before my graduation from college, the maverick was starting to smoke and i grew weary of changing out the valve cover gasket on the engine and the driver side fender was starting to curl up like a piece of parchment and i made a deal with her.

"hey jerk, get me through the end of college and i'll give ya a respectable burial."
the maverick agreed as it didn't expire until june 30th of 1993. we took the old girl up to roy rogers one last time before i took her to the junk yeard, got a bucket of fried chicken and all the way back to the house, we tore everything we could out of her and threw it out the windows. seat covers and dash items and whatever we could. i kept the beer tap though.

anyway, by the fall of 1993, i had lost all hope from the transit grind of coming up from queens village to go to this fresh hell everyday but i always walked by this comic shop that is gone now called little nemos.

by and large i would pop by to pick up an issue of heavy metal to the bus ride home but one day, i saw in the corner boxes that reminded me of my past.

and it was here where i found den'an zon, vigna ghina, and berga dalas.

these three were from a series called gundam f91. which is a sequel series from the franchise known as mobile suit gundam which i've been watching on and off since about 1980. when i moved out of my parent's house in 1996, i put all of these pieces of my geeky past in a box with bubblewrap and they sat forgotten in the rafters of my parents garage along with 40 other models i built since i was 12.

but i dug them out.

and i've been restoring them. these are the first, i cleaned up. actually, i worked on three in the last two days but berga dalas has suffered some damage in the last 14 years and will require some extra work but these came out of storage relatively unscathed. so i cleaned them up and started detailing them.

i have a bunch more, and i'll put them up from time to time but just so you know, these were the first i built after a long hiatus in which i wanted to not be into anime and building. where i preferred to be the guy my people went to when they wanted me to sneak them into bars underage. not the guy with an art degree who couldn't find a job so he kept on working at a crappy grocery store until he was sick of it and kept going back. these little trinkets helped me out one awful fall into winter where i had no where to go but up. seems silly? fuck you.

—the bastard

PS: if there's a story, i'll tell it

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