Friday, April 23, 2010


as he sat down on the train,

the bastard realized just how tired he actually was.

we met with the reverend tonight to go over the particulars of our upcoming special day.

and the bastard just likes to talk.

about what?

fucking name it.

tonight I gave the rev something to help her feel less disheartened about her son being lazy about college.

I told her I was lazy too. all young men who grow up stable are.

it made her feel better in retrospect,

being that I turned out ok.

but now my joints hurt,

and I'm hungry,

and the two teenage girls sitting near me nver seem to shut up.

at least the drunk singing on the train left.

I'm racked as I go throw the crossing between manhattan and queens.

sure as hell that I'll find my car where I left it last.

—the bastard

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