Friday, April 23, 2010

this weak in anime

...special best lucky hopeful edition

this afternoon i was watching a little anime on my lunch hour.

and the trustie had told me about this series heroman that was going to be airing this spring brought to us by bones studio.

bones has brought the bastard via the internets two series i really enjoyed called resperctively eureka seven which has one of my top 5 greatest moments in anime (television really) and xam'd lost memories.

i'm currently watching soul eater which is proving to be worth my while and goes well with a glass of bourbon during the bastard's evening downtime.

now the kicker is this. stan lee was working with bones on this deries and it SO has his markings on it.

nerdy kid gets powers (or perhaps the giant robo idea of a boy and his robot).

girl likes nerd.

girls jock brother beats up on nerdy kid.

with great power comes great responsibility.

sound familiar?

oh and it also has stan lee's famous cameo in it.

did i mention a boy and his robot.

either way, this is some hopeful, feel good shit. it's kind of innocent as well.

i had an awful experience last summer watching last exile with my son, as there was so many key characters surrounded by death and violence that the boy had begun to worry about his own mortality.

this is something i can show him and walk away feeling good that i can impart my love of anime on my son without giving him a complex about death.

good stuff.

—the bastard

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