Thursday, August 19, 2010

weird stuff the bastard bought at a japanese big box

so the builder's pastime when he goes to the japanes big box is to find weird things to drink that they don't sell in america.

well edgewater new jersey is still part of america but you get the picture.

anyway, while waxing poetic on the time he found mint pepsi, we came across green cola.

green cola happens to be made of green tea.

and cola.

and 11 other herbs and spices.

but the end result was a soda that wasn't as fizzy as say pepsi but also tasted like royal crown cola or some other soda that would be store bran like key food soda or the like.

well that's it.

you want a frikkin' novel?

—the bastard

1 comment:

the mad russian said...

made with cola, green tea, 11 other herbs and spices, lead flakes, panda clippings, rhino penis, and ruck.