Sunday, August 15, 2010

…on traveling without moving

I have this old friend.

and he's indirectly responsible for every this weak in anime installment the bastard has ever put on this blog.

because he's part and parcel responsible for getting me into anime,

and eating something else with noodles that isn't fucking spaghetti.


I'm doing a job for him, the builder and he invited me out for noodles yesterday to discuss business and visit a little pocket of japan that is across the river in edgewater new jersey.

and the ramen was rock solid.

and it was PACKED with Japanese people there just to buy shit for their house.

you wanna make sushi?

go down aisle 5 and get a frikkin brick of tuna.

want some noodles for yer home?

we got three aisle of what you're looking for.

it's essentially a big box store of Japanese things for you the consumer.

and there was a fair going on in the parking lot too, so there was no shortage of people in traditional garb and one or two gothic lolitas or Asian guys in pompadors.

did I mention the ramen was good?

—the bastard

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