Saturday, November 06, 2010

row of lights

shit moves fast round here.

we have some bidders.

and they keep trying to lowball us.

we had to make an 11th hour change in our daycare lineup because the girl's nanny has some family business to intend to and it couldn't be done today because it's Diwali.

the bastard has been scrambling to get it together.

there's a crossroads a coming potentially.

but this week's one thing has been the lack of hate I had for parking in manhattan this week.

my doorman told me in his almost unintelligible accent, that if I parked in the Tuesday spot, it would be good for the week.

this held true for election day,

and the car was good until today but today is Diwali, so I didn't have to move.

and the bastard sleeps soundly knowing that his car will remain ticketless when we go house hunting tomorrow.

good times.


great times.

—the bastard

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