Saturday, January 29, 2011

big dig…

now the bastard hates alot of things.

sex and the city,

most kinds of seafood,,

fair-weather friends,

your mother.

but one thing I've never developed disdain for has been the snow.

mostly because it's never pissed me off much.

a lot of that gas been built around the notion that there wasn't too many hard winters before leaving home and when I did, it was the landlord's job.

I've only had to dig the car out and that in the worst snow is no great shakes if you don't care about getting anywhere.

but I have to get the blue roller-skate out of the garage and I expect some fresh hell when I get there.

so today might be the day.

but I'll no doubt blame it on the asshole lawyer who rents the garage next to me and the snow will get a free pass.

i'm magnanimous that way.

—the bastard

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