Friday, February 04, 2011

unified theory…

11:16 pm
bastard: your unified theory of martinis is correct. two is enough to constitute trubble.

bastard: three is nigh disastrous

11:33 pm
mofo: But the cuban. The cuban!

bastard: the Cuban was impressive. but I am drunk and watching mi-5

12:01 am
mofo: I deconstructed eggplant parm and made tabboulleh tonight for nat and i. Martini and wine followed. No mi-5.

bastard: make no mistake. mi-5 had everything to do with martinis and tabbouleh. eggplant was bertuslicuni's fault entirely

bastard: what have aye Dunn to deserve this flat and flavorless manhattan?

12:23 am
mofo: You find gOod tabouleh in manhattan the eggplant parm is a tw original. Its going to be 23 degrees here tonight so chin up.

3:47 am
bastard: chin up indeed. I've been tits up on my couch since before your last text. nai nai

—the bastard

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