Sunday, July 31, 2011

dried up…

exhaustion is a hell of a good sadness suppressor.

case meet point.

last night was the boy's last day in new york for the summer.

which always leads to a great deal of heavy sadness for me.

and don't get me wrong. the bastard is sad.

but yesterday…

it also rained like the hammers from hell…

and this added up to best lucky delays at the jetblue terminal that came straight out of logans run.

and this had the boy and I waiting for frikkin ever for the airport to right itself.

the boy didn't get airborne until 11:30.

the bastard didn't get on the van wick until midnight.

and after such a long night, I sat down on my balcony to consult with doctor whiskey and have a good cry but, it never came.

there I sat in my lounge

looking out at the great view of the thorough borough and I was too exhausted to move.

and I just couldn't do anything.

it wasn't until this morning while i was putting the boy's pillows away that I muttered, 'see you next summer", that I welled up.

you see it's august but for you but, summer is over for me.

—the bastard

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