Tuesday, August 16, 2011


as defined by wikipedia, 'gunpla' can be best described as 'the practice of building Gundam models, rather than the models themselves.'

this is what the bastard foes with his spare time.

I'm sure if people hung around with me, my hobby would be hanging around with people.

but people don't hang around me so I build robots and hang around them.

in my last place, I had no room for the robots and even less so when we were selling the apartment.

you know because people get frightened when they go apartment hunting and find otaku in the place.

it just stinks up the joint.

lately the wife allotted me some space for my gunpla so I've been mucking about building some models.

I started one before we moved out and finished it tonight. he's a companion piece to one I had built a year ago in my office.

what?!? I wanted to unwind during my lunch hour.

anyway, I realize that could never properly display any large number of my collection as they number in the over 75 category and are in various states of repair.

I may do a rotating exhibition given the chance but until that day arrives the bastard is content to use the space allotted for whatever.

besides, I have a new one to start on whenever I get started on it.

not to mention whatever I'll inevitably pick up at comic con this year.

shit. I have to find my flip camera for that.

—the bastard

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