Wednesday, December 28, 2011

the deaths door challenge…

…or how the bastard rediscovered doctor whiskey for the 11th time.

the bastard reads alot of shit on the interwebs about alot of things.


some of it is about alcohol.

new brands.

new styles.

a fresh spin on an old style.


stuff like that.

recently, my brother in law flew in for the Christmas (I'm gonna call it Christmas because that's what I was celebrating. if you'd like to talk Kwanzaa, we can talk about Ron karenga electrocuting his girlfriend in another post) and I seized the opportunity to pick up this white whiskey I read about on uncrate called 'deaths door'.

Named after the super treacherous strait formed by Washington Island, WI and the Door Peninsula, Death's Door Spirits have both a literal and poetic connection to the location. Death's Door White Whisky is made from a mash with an 80:20 ratio of organic Washington Island Wheat and organic malted barley, double-distilled to 160 proof (!), and finished in uncharred oak barrels to bring it together.

this is from the press release.

so after the wife adjourned herself for the evening (not the whiskey drinking sort) the bastard pulled out two glasses for himself and the brother in law who is more of a scotch man.

after a long draw, I looked at him and he at me and both agreed that deaths door was 'nice'.


that's what it was.

it was clean.

it has an almost grassy finish.

but it was only 'nice'.

I followed up with two glasses of knob creek. and immediately upon hitting that it came to me.

this was what was missing from deaths door.




deaths door can really pack the alcohol in but it's just 'nice'.

like the Midwest.


but I'd rather live in the dirty smokey part of the country instead.

—the bastard

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