Tuesday, February 14, 2012

finnegan's wake

on Sunday, the family of the house of usher celebrated a life.

showed some movies the bastard had never seen.

translated these events to the wife as she doesn't know the massive as much as some do.

took the piss as well.

nemo was a storied guy.

and the best way to celebrate a life is to tell the stories.

especially the ones never told.

the babby got to play with her family.

which she doesn't do as often as the bastard likes.

and I came to conclusions.

ASIDE: the chairman and the prince of darkness adjourn to the inner sanctum to chat. what about? none of my business. I just took care to keep the babby out of their space. grown ups need they time.

the bastard takes his at night. he takes it with the voices.

they do this as the prince has always taken an interest in the welfare of the chairman. I've always been glad for this.

you see. it's because the bastard didn't have mentors growing up. he had adults telling him shit.

not listening to shit.

not shepherding him through his career. I woulda been a damn insurance salesman if not for sheer force of will and a damn good skill set.


the bastard instead has contemporaries or perhaps professional betters. benevolent souls who have offered the benefit of their knowledge and experience and during the hard times, a drink, a kind word, and for some, a carry over the worst.

and for that I'm grateful.

this is what I learned at finnegan's wake.

—the bastard

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