Saturday, February 18, 2012

…on life lessons

bastard: is that pitcher water

lobster johnson: the clear one?

bastard: yeah. I'm putting a cup together for the babby for the ride home.

lobster johnson: yea it's water. don't drink from the skull… that's moonshine. but for kids in general… don't drink from a skull

bastard: that's heads up parenting.

lobster johnson: the more you know… ding.

tonight was left hand rob's (re: Mano lefto) annual mardi gras party which was the best place to be in new jersey tonight as nowhere in his little pocket of Edison, nj did anyone have to hear about how much god loved Whitney Houston so much that he let her get addicted to crack and that he called her home to him… with crack.

anyway we brought the babby who after two plus hours asked to go home. rob's last words to her was, "thanks for coming to my party babby. now you go get comfy in your car seat and don't drink from any skulls".

now that's head up baseball

—the bastard

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