Wednesday, May 02, 2012


the bastard bought his first pair of 1460's in 1993 at a store called 99x...

i think it's gone now.

anyways, i destroyed them. bought a pair of green 6 eye work boots and wore them until the insides were peeling off of the shoe.

bought a pair of 5 eye olive colored shoes and shouldn't have gotten rid of them. i'd still have them.

goddam house cleaning.

i thought about it over lunch today and i think in 19 years of wearing doc martens, i've worn and destroyed more than 15 pairs of boots and shoes.

for the last few weeks, i've been wearing my latest pair of casualties every other day.

holes in the sole...

side walls are splitting...

insides are peeling...

i've been working these shoes for just over 2 years...

so it's time. new pair. i decided that after 15 plus pairs i'd get a for life pair.

they offer it for idiots like me who decided that at the ripe age of 41 that they have no plans to change their day to day footwear.

so here's a fucking boot guy that we'll replace when you break it.

sole goes out? we got a new pair

sidewall splits? here's a new pair jerk

set them on fire? well maybe notsomuch but a bastard can try.

and so, an experiment begins. i hope these guys never go out of bidness.

—the bastard

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