Wednesday, May 30, 2012

blow by miserable frikkin BLOW…

"hey. it's tehREEsah"


"I was saying to blah blah blah that that looks a lot like tehREEsah"


"what with thah hayhr. it's gotta be tehREEsah"


"so I said to blah blah blah that we should see if that's tehREEsah"


"so I said, "hey tehREEsah" and it was you…tehREEsah"

"yeah… so you just yelled out and all."

"isn't that like the funniest thing tehREEsah?"

no dick. no it isn't. so stop talking like a frikkin mook.

go directly to die.

the bastard was born and raised on this rock we call the q boro and the one thing he could never get past is folks that sound like a sitcom about the outer boroughs. I'm waiting for ray ramano to show up on the 7 train.

can't wait until baseball season is over.

—the bastard

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