Friday, June 01, 2012

could any hell be more real…

…or more now


the bastard thought he'd left this behind in the fhills but…

the noise it follows him.

tonight the bar was host to a rather large corporate card which came in the form of caterwauling assholes.

not again, the bastard said.

and rather than resort to violence…

I went down to the bar to appeal to the caterwauling masses' better judgement

this was a mistake.

first to one it was 'awesome' that I lived upstairs

no asshole… it isn't awesome.

you are an asshole

to another, I said that their caterwauling was keeping my child up.

and she said 'aaawwwww'

which is what drunken women who don't have children say when children are mentioned.

a third asked me why I moved in next door to a bar and rather than stab her in the face which was a growing reality to this idiot I replied that there WAS no bar when I moved in.

which prompted the second idiot to say 'awwwww' again.

it was at this point that I wanted to beat them all senseless.

then the owner came to me and oddly enough calmed me down.

asked me to come to him, not the caterwauling idiots under the speed of a corporate card.

he was right.

but it was hard to resist trying to see if idiots can actually have that 'a-ha' moment that they are being inconsiderate and that is not the case.

and in many ways, it somes up what I dislike about younger folks. these things aren't their concern until its their problem.

so here is my wish.

I want them all to have many children.

problem children.

screaming children that keep them up at night.

and when they grow up, I hope their children break their hearts.

except for the third one. I hope she is barren.

and instead has a miserable hole in her life to keep her up at night.

I really wish this wasn't happening again.

—the bastard

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