Saturday, June 09, 2012

…on the salt

…and the fat

when we first mulled moving to the q borough, my wife entrusted the bastard to be the bellweather of what neighborhood in queens would be suitable for someone who lived in manhattan for her entire adult life and what just be too much queens for her.

it had to be new construction was one of the things that was a deal breaker for her.

or rather the deal maker.

but we landed here in the liquid city and it's been good for this last year


my backup was always going to be sunnyside. it would be more neighborhoody than she would have been used to


it's because of the ever changing landscape of queens that we arrived at a restaurant called salt and fat

yes… you read it right




and as a new American with a great deal of Korean flourish, the bastard had fantastic mussels with Korean snack sausage in the brine.

pork belly buns with sriacha hoisin

twice fried chicken served with sriacha and pickled daikon.

and rice crispy treat.

yeah, it's just that good. right on queens Blvd. it'll knock your socks off and into next week.

happy birthday to me.

—the bastard

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