Friday, May 18, 2012


so the bastard was watching homicide…

and meldred's childhood project was going to be demolished and he keeps a brick of his time there.

and it reminded me of the time I was drinking at the shoreline of the house of usher.

and after I finished the beer I was having, I got it in my head to stuff the bottle with sand.

pleased with myself I proclaimed to the mofo, the chairman, the communist and the highlander that regardless of how this shakes out, I keep some of the land that the house of our family stood on was mine and mine forever.

I keep this bottle of land in a garage in forest hills.

if you try to take it, I'll cut you.

interesting addendum on the matter.

the jackass who bought the house of usher may have been foreclosed upon.

i'm okay with this.

—the bastard

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