Sunday, June 17, 2012

…on relics

had a good day out today on the dung heap

they have alot of good stuff going on there.

I mentioned a few weeks ago how the bastard may well have had some of the best chinese food in the swamp.

I had some of the best pizza I've had in a bit today.

but let's back up.

the bastard met his sister in law and her husband… the expert for a day on the park.

a day to donate money to a park.

which is the way the bastard likes to give to the greater good.

but while I was there…

I saw a guy with swastikas tattooed to his arms.

it said white power around them.

I only saw pictures of this in rolling stone in the 1990's.

more recently, online as greenpoint has a bit a racist skins hanging across the bridge from me. a guy who prefers to remain anonymous shot some photos of them recently.

when gawker found them, shit went viral.

but here I am having hamburgers one table over from this relic of whatever passes for the national front on staten island.

watching him and his wife who could pass for a slightly more portly version of snooky and his kids riding a kiddy train with his blood and honor dagger on his arm…

making me wonder what the fuck?

it was still a grand day out. the bastard won't let a little racist iconography wreck his parklife.

later for that.

more importantly, the expert showed me where the secret best pizza in the swamp is.

—the bastard

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