Saturday, June 16, 2012

so why'd you move in behind a bar anyway

long day.

it was a good day but it was a long day that culminated in a late trader joes run and a kiddie party let out and some of the stragglers were a bit chatty from whatever overpriced swill they were quaffing.

and I'm just looking over the edge with my tired face on and not really expecting any of these idiots to have that moment of clarity that maybe they need I keep it down.

the loud adult in air quotes looks like Andy dick.

sort of apprapro in a fashion.

but I digress. just leaning over the side and one of their kids looks up at me.

then all three of their kids looks up at me.

the smallest one smiles and waves.

I put my finger over my mouth to give them the universal sign for, "your parents are inconsiderate, overly entitled assholes who need to shut the hell up please and to please not grow up to be like them"

then three other adults look up.

I'm in now so I can't just walk away. it's become uncomfortable for all parties concerned now.

and Andy dick looks up with the, "what do you want?" look that spindly dickheads from oklasota do when there are 6 floors between the likes of me and the likes of him.

the bastard has discovered that people have awful big balls when there is no chance of me flying down 6 stories to shove a billy club up their ass.

I asked if he could keep it down.

it's a bar.

my kid needs to sleep

it's a bar.

come on guy

it's a bar.

I'll stab you in the face fucko. while I'm sure you're shit didn't stink on your time on news radio, you sucked cock on the Ben stiller show. this bar wasn't here when I moved in.

it's a bar.

and then it dawned on me.

he had a speech impediment.

after years of doing coke and sucking cock all he could say was "it's a bar".

must have been the last thing he said before he went into rehab.

good luck on the other 11 steps jackass

—the bastard

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