Thursday, June 28, 2012

there's a time to live… and a time to die… when it's time to meet your maker

the bastard did the math over a whiskey before.

after making tomorrow's lunch.

it's been 25 years since I last saw iron maiden perform.

it was the 7th son of a 7th son tour.

and I was in general admission at Nassau coliseum.

it was a great night.

we were all young gods then. waiting to drink from life's cup.

now we sit in the dark with the wind in my face waiting to drink whiskey.

I wanted to go so that I could take the boy to his first rock concert.

I've missed so many firsts and while I never felt cheated, I always felt I missed out.

so I did this not knowing that tonight, the boys from leyton did me the kindness of taking me back to that night so I could share this piece of me with him.

and I almost thought it was a mistake.

he didn't feel so hot.

it was louder than he thought it would be.

too many assholes smoking pot around him except he doesn't know what pot smells like yet.

but then he rallied.

and we had a great time.


it was during their performance of wasted years, that the boy and I were standing there.

he was on a chair with his arm around me I realized…

…a few weeks ago when Adam Yauch died I wrote a love letter to the past about my last concert as a young man.


…tonight was my first concert as an old man.

and it's a little bittersweet.

or perhaps life used to taste sweet but now it just tastes like whiskey to me.

that said, it still tastes pretty damn good to me.

up the irons… because a bastard still can.

—the bastard

PS: Alice cooper may be an old assed man but, when he hits the stage, he comes correct. a little something for the oldsters to take to heart.


TW said...

Ace Frehley opened. But just like that night, according to the set list I saw, too many cuts from Seventh Son and no Killers. They still rocked. You didn't join us Al, Matt, the Millers for Jones Beach some years back?

bastard central said...

there was an inordinate amount of seventh son in this show but they did phantom of the opera, the prisoner, and a few others i cannot recall at the moment. closer and encore were the same

i was neither aware nor invited to join you guys at jones beach for that show

bastard central said...

also, your phillie is missing the cheese component. as well as the hot sauce