Saturday, May 04, 2013

life in these Long Island cities…

the other night when I was heading to the after party I noticed on a crisp cool night there was an abundance of fat bearded guys in shorts walking around in flips flops toward the bar that moved in behind me.

these guys, while looking a great deal like the fat bearded guy from the t. show revolution are a considerate lot.

they drink their beer on the back patio and they keep it down. occasionally they pipe up slightly while having one of those god is dead but he was short really short conversations.

but lic has a different species of vermin that plagues the bar that moved in behind me.


gymrats are in shape…

gymrats like to work out together then sit on the back Latino and yell loudly about leg day…

gymrats have too much meat between their ears to have that moment of clarity that the rest of the borough of queens doesn't want to hear your "thoughts in air quotes" on whatever it is passes for thinking in your pea sized brains.

I imagine since they live here, they work in finance or marketing or some manner of high paying job that affords them the ability to live here.

but I prefer the fat bearded atheists over them most of the time.

—the bastard

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