Saturday, May 04, 2013

…on best practices

the bastard went to an industry function last night.

the company wanted to have an after party for the national magazine awards.

our team and the food book were nominated for awards and I wanted to come out and support.

I met a triumphant man in a gingham jacket who waved around the only thing Alexander Calder ever designed that I ever will want.

and I had a drink with our team to have a better luck next year chat.

problem is I started without them.

and that's a mistake.

so I spent today closing out the bike book, mapping out the bullet book and doing my first cover package for the big book feeling under slept and very willing to believe that there will be pyramids constructed to honor the massive massive hangover I had today.

but back to the award.

you see…

the winner left it at the venue where our party was…

so I got a closer look at it.

I've had conversations with other designers on the banality of awards and how they don't matter much.

and that may be true. but I wouldn't mind having one of these one day.

—the bastard

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