Sunday, May 19, 2013

this weak in comics…

one time, I was talking with lobster Johnson about why I don't like the west wing…

the bastard thought that in the latter half of the bush 43 administration that it was liberal porn for liberals. 

that it was a magical world where only democrats make good decisions and republicans are painted in Simon legree blackface wringing their hands or they were totally ready to cross party lines because what Martin sheen wanted was clearly the way to go. 

or some shit. 

I never really watched the show much because what little I saw of it seemed that way. besides prefers his fiction in the form of science fiction. 

DMZ is kind of like that. 

a civil war breaks out during the second half of a republican administration…

it starts in Montana…

and this rebel army of hippies chase the military industrial complex all the way to manhattan. 

and manhattan becomes a demilitarized zone where only poor folks and hipsters live. 

sound tasty?

I got on board with it until it started to feel like the writer didn't know anymore about NYC than someone who watched the warriors and escape from new you're a lot of times. 

so I stopped. 

but recently, the bastard gave it a second look and it still reads like that but it seems like more fun since a war between the states seems more realistic now than it did with the last guy was president. 

but that aside, this side story above was pretty great. 

—the bastard

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