Sunday, December 01, 2013

will you still love me when I am no longer young and beautiful…

I was watching baz lurman's great gatsby tonight and aside from the fact that Lana del ray sings the most depressing song of 2013, I thought the film was quite good. 

the bastard is always fascinated by how others portray New York in other mediums. 

and baz lurman's New York is the beautiful shining city I envision myself in every goddam day. except I see it in queens. 

in gatsby it is portrayed as the wasteland that is oculist. dirt roads and almost a dustbowl like feel and I wonder if queens has always been seen this way in popular mediums  even though I know that oculist is merely and allegory for depression era middle America. 

I remember I always  wanted to smack the producers of ugly Betty for portraying queens as a series of elevated trains and Hispanic stereotypes and drag queen pristitutes but I soldiered through that shit show as well. 

but I choose to see this westernmost stop of he east to be prettier than what lies west in the face of times to come. 

yeah jerks, my spot is better than your spot now more than ever. 

I can't see the Empire State building anymore and that's okay because I'll always have queens. 

yeah… queens… everytime

—the bastard

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