Wednesday, August 31, 2005

every dog has her day

so the nice lady went across the way that afternoon to give the landlord some chocolate to smooth things over. landlord agreed we could hold onto licorice (that's what we call her) until we find her a shelter or a home. he said she shouldn't have but, there is a reason why we call her the NICE lady. truth to tell is the landlord could tell us to get rid of her asap but he didn't. nice lady wants to try and convince him again later on this weekend after she spends a week of not destroying his building. we'd really like to keep this dog. she's a sweety. ergo the name.

—the bastard


Anonymous said...

yay! this is better, at any rate--

do you want me to pass the picture around, or wait until the landlord

a) comes to his senses or

b) makes the things you live next to get rid of the cat, to be fair and impartial

time to dig out my pain stick...


bastard central said...

hold the phone DoM. there are doings a transpiring. more on it latah

—the bastard