Wednesday, August 31, 2005

hard time in the big easy

i have to take a minute to interrupt my self absorbed ramblings and talk about nawlins. i honeymooned in the french quarter in 1996. three years later the nice lady and i didn't know it but we took an extra passenger back to the quarter with us. new orleans is/was/can be a beautiful city that seems to be going the way of atlantis at the moment and i hope that we can help this culturally rich and historically important place alive. new orleans is the first city i went to that made me think that there were cities that didn't look like a variation of park slope or ridgewood or like suburban long island with a dry heat. it's special to me. it's special to alot of people. it's the birthplace of my favorite cuisine. hell i had jambalaya for dinner tonight. the bastard learned to love tabasco before all other hot sauces here. i had planned to go back one day and i'm not so sure that it will be there on that day. i hope it will be. now the bastard thinks he going to donate some cash to the red cross. yeah, it sounds a little hokey and completely unoriginal but its a good place, with good people that are in a lot of trouble. so put some in the till shiteyes.

—the bastard

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