Wednesday, August 31, 2005

weekly karaoke report

now, i'm actually not going to report on karaoke night every week because, i have kind of put the main thrust of my anger over it aside. these people are otherwise unimportant idiots that essentially seek weekly escapism from their otherwise miserable lives at the neighborhood's expense. these people are are fucking clown shoes. there is a guy that john karaoke pointed out to me during one of my more fitful evenings over this. there was this guy who looked like frikkin huggy bear from starsky and hutch named johnny. no joke, he LOOKS like huggy bear and he wouldn't shut up and when the bastard came outside in his PJ's, johnny took off like his feet were on fire, purple suit and all(yeah it was purple). john karaoke apologized as he has a deep booming voice and told me who he was and as he got in his beat up lincoln mark VII i shouted at how i know what his car looks like. pointless empty threat that night as the bastard has no designs on going to prison. in retrospect as i saw his broke ass ride parked under the boys window, i though, i MUST get his picture and share it with you. so will try.

anyway, i was playing flat out on xbox last night to numb away the noise. yes, the bastard owns an xbox as well as a mac. they get along for now but, i fear that one day the xbox will try and assimilate my iMac. anyway while i was enjoying launching people out of the front windshield of my virtual race car, i noticed that one of these idiots honked their horn and it played la cucaracha. i don't know if the driver was latin american but i have to wonder, how cheesy/inconsiderate/degrading/kitchy(but not in the ironic billyburg way) that was. i actually think it was an SUV full of soprano stunt doubles. fascinating stuff. you just can't make this crap up

—the bastard


Anonymous said...
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bastard central said...

sorry giles. while i appreciate encouraging words, i would prefer if you left the link to your business off of my weblog. nothing personal, just don't want it

—the bastard