Thursday, September 15, 2005

every event is to be used

the bastard was just reading a new column by peggy noonan. basically, noonan does a little retrospectus on the hurricane and 9/11 but she brought up the above phrase which i will put into context:

"George W. Bush still enjoys a bright spot in terms of his foes. Liberal politicians continue to respond to the calamity with delighted anguish. Their critiques are attacks and their attacks are opportunistic. Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy and Nancy Pelosi have come across as pols coolly using the suffering of others to club the opposition. As for liberal pundits, some of them have taken on the ways of mere party operatives: Every event exists to be used. Frank Rich, Paul Krugman: if they were dead they'd be spinning in their graves."

she goes on to do the analysis which remarks on how this is the administrations first big black eye, and it is. i think of what the mofo said while we were hashing it out last week, before the topic switched to the merits of the 70's incarnation of KISS. mo said, and i'm paraphrasing, "now don't get me wrong, i think the blame in this runs from the president all the way down but, i would never say he deserves the beating he's taking in the media right now. it's not all on him" the bastard tends to disagree with the mofo on the finer points but, i agree that he doesn't deserve the opportunistic beating he's getting now. for me it just reveals the slant in media today. but, what the hell do i know.

—the bastard


mofo said...

While the paraphrase is fairly accurate it should be noted that I was speaking of his administration and his partners in crime in congress that since taking a commanding foothold of the senate a year ago, have driven a stake in the heart of most Americans. Dubya's appointment's to majopr agencies have bungled this mess up right good. Don't blame the liberals for being bleeding hearts, by definition they are bleeding hearts, but if it weren't lawmakers like Hill, and Teddy (even if he is drunk) most of us would be living on the serf-side of a fiefdom.

No conservative has ever brought about widespread positive change to this country. (And don't bring up Lincoln because he didn't free the slaves for the sake of freeing them, he freed them for the sake of the industrial ervolution, which is what the civil war was really about). But that's ok, I don't expect conservatives to make the change here, it's not their job.

And can we stop calling the media liberal, last time I checked every major media outlet in the world was owned by a very rich white man and his very rich white friends. It behooves these men to foster a conservative ideal, it makes them more money. And wasn't this the same media that was being blasted for being conservative 10 years ago, or am i just loopy.

This just happens to be a situation where it was a glaring breakdown of government services. So Dubtya has to step up and take the punch, cause it's the second time it has happened on his watch. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on all of you who truely thought this guy knew how to run a country.

It's about time Dubya eats some shit, cause we've been eating a steaming pile of it for the last five years courtesy of that hayseed.

bastard central said...

paragraph 1: disagree wholeheartedly. i didn't start making bank under clinton i started paying taxes. hc has signed onto alot of things but none of them was her idea. I can sign my name onto something if i want to as well. tk doesn't give a rat's ass about the american people. I repeat NOT A RATS ASS!!!!

paragraph 2: i also disagree. i will get back on that after some sleep

paragraph3: disagree wholeheartedly again. last i looked, all of the liberals in power were just as rich as their conservative counterparts. two words michael moore. four more words, kids in private school.

paragraph4: what the hell are you talking about 2nd time? 9/11? you know that the lion's share of how we arrived there was the culmination of his forebears. you can read house of saud house of bush all you want and it won't change that bill clinton made us look like wusses in somalia, with the cole, with WTC part 1, and that cruise missile he sent to the sudan.

paragraph5: this is why i don't get into this.

bigbromofo said...

mofo speaks....and bastard counters..

hey mofo ...if he bankrupt his own company and could not handle the Texas Rngers what makes you think he can run the country

mofo said...

I said that about Dubya before the election in 2000, if he can't run a baseball team, how can he run the counstry.

And stop right there, cause they actually did something about Osama, they were just two hours late. Don't bring up Somalia because the UN had our hands tied there which led to the eventual situation depicted in "Black Hawk Down", he made the right decision by getting the fuck out of there.
And lest we forget that clinton was hamstrung by a republican majority in congress that didn't want him to get credit for being the guy who kicked ass and took names when it came to Al Queda.

Take some time and read the 9/11 comission report, it tells you all you need to know about the willingness of the Dubya administration to do anything about anything until something happened they couldn't avoid.

bastard central said...

how can you run a baseball team when all you own is 11.4% of the team. that baseball team stuff is horseshit.

hmmmmm...9/11 commision. oh yes let's see. Thomas H. Kean
Chair (former governor of new jersey [D]). wasn't he ousted by christy whitman? smells above board to me. Bob Kerrey,Commissioner former governor of nebraska(D). frequent lambaster of the right. hmmmmmmm, seems honest enough. but the one i love to go to is, Jamie S. Gorelick, former asst attorney general under clinton. drafter of the now famous but often unreported gorelick memo which was instituted suring the clinton china scandal. this prevented cia and fbi and nsa from communicating with one another. so you'll forgive me if i take less stock in the 9/11 commision's report than you do. so wjile i am taking my time to read some slanted shite from some slanted people (in the case of gorelick, thou doth protest too much), why don't you take some time to read about something that is frequently underreported like say, the good news out of iraq or new orleans. remember, since news organization ratings were lumped in with other entertainment rarings the news hasn't been honest since. and there's no slant about reporting good news rather than avoiding the bash bush sheep mentality.

i totally missed your clnton "praise" (for lack of a better word). i do so love it when we do stories and make-em-ups (stress of the making up). clinton would have been less hamstung if he wasn't busy having sex with members of his staff not because of congress. he got plenty of go aheads from the likes of tom daschle and plenty of green lights on bombing iraq in his time. so i call bullshit on that. the only thing i'll give clinton was yes he was 2 hours late because intelligence wasn't talking to each other. ergo the gorelick memo. i could go on, and i might.

the united nations is in and of itself a red tape entity that if we ignored them then, the way the current administration ignores that irrelavent body now, black hawk down would have never happened. remember, the UN gives all nations a voice, unfortunately with sudan (still sell chattle salves) is on the human rights commitee and we are not. what i'm saying is that the UN lately only gives voices to despotic nations. i can spend a week just going into oil for food. i have that much material. so when you call UN, i call bullshit.

bigbromofo said...

when do you find time to read these 1000 page memos, while wathcing karoke night. when did you start writing for the national review. i did not know ann c and phyllis s were our cousins.

bigbro mofo
dub plat

i still need the phone #

bastard central said...

i read the cliff notes. you think mofo read the 9/11 report? it read like a textbook. i just know who's on the commision. it's not hard to find this stuff out. i don't write for nr, i just belive in a point that comes from reading more than the new york times and watching the main stream media. abd that's more than watching fox news. it comes from a culmination of several sources, the new york times included however i moght be stopping that because they might be becoming a pay service and there's a reason why the bastard reads hi news on the's free.

bastard central said...

oops i meant HIS news on the NET. damn keyboards