Wednesday, January 11, 2006

...on the black thumb

...or was it a green bag, i don't recall

it started going sometime before christmas and this is the second one she bought at the home depot. maybe that new york air is what killed it. or maybe it was the bus ride from pennsylvania but the tree has certainly taken on a charlie brown-esque quality to it. "should i throw this out?",asks ms. cin. "it's brown." left hand rob chimes in stating that this particular rosemary tree must be one of those everbrowns that he's been hearing about. the bastard still thinks it smelss good. it's rosemary, the smell reminds me of roast chicken or does it remind me of simon and garfunkel. OR perhaps it reminds me of roast simon and garfunkel. mmmmmmmmmmm QUEENS COLLEGE ALUMNILICIOUS. "i fed it, i watered it, i talked to it, i gave it love and look what happens." "well there's your problem", snipes the snow man as he strolls in at the leisurely hour of 10.

"i put this one in a bag and keep it in the dark and look, it's growing. what the hell?" at this point the discussion on horticulture devolves into a discussion on meltdowns. rob suggests the idea of setting up a betting pool for when ms. cin snaps next. the bastard suggests that we put up one of those signs that says "no accidents in...days". you know the best part of that is when the sign rolls over. then you know that someone lost a finger in the deli that day.

you know everything seems funnier when you're tired

—the bastard

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