Wednesday, January 11, 2006


...or on taking the hill

trudge trudge trudge
the bastard is really tired. exhausted. ready for the coffee I.V. drip. later for that. ratchet it up to meth. in preperation for the gun show, we build a bunch of pre built pages and send them so that other than breaking news, these papers have content. it's been a long hard slog and it's still going when i get the word from scoop:

No wonder it seems like we have a ton of pages. We are releasing 110 prebuilt pages this year, as compared to only 84 last year. We are also shipping the Feb/March issue at the exact same time, so that is another 40 pages. By the end of this week, we'll have sent 150+ pages.

trudge trudge trudge
i think i'm beginning to like it here, the chair is comfy and the coffee is cheap. once more into the breach shiteyes!

—the bastard

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