Friday, April 21, 2006

...on shooting

...and shooting

so we entered day two of the bastard's stomach not crippling him at 5:30 am and i meet scoop and 5 dollar john in forest hills to drive up to tamarack where killing stuff monthly has a membership. you see, in new york city, you need to make sure that everyone associated with photographing a firearm has a permit. you need to get a permit to photograph the firearm as well. the photographer needs to get a permit to be allowed to photograph a firearm. the photographer's assistant needs to get a permit to be present to assist a photographer who is photographing a firearm. plus i think you need to hire a union steam fitter and two local three electricians. since we're photographing 5 firearms, i guess we need five times as much paperwork filed and five times as many union thugs (maybe we can throw in a teamster). wait, these are side by side shotguns. do we need paperwork and union electricians for each barrel? it boggles the mind. but seriously, you need to file a crapload of paperwork to photograph a firearm in new york city. not so much when you move the shoot upstate. all the bastard has to do is get in the car and pay the toll and shoot (hee hee) the guns. and we don't even have to deal with the inflatable rat.

the bastard hasn't picked up a firearm to do anything but move it out of the way of the photoshoot since i was seventeen and unfortunately this time was no different. but on the plus side, i had some great light for a great photoshoot and i didn't have to file any paperwork. nice and smooth

—the bastard

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