Wednesday, May 31, 2006

...on big pimpin'

there's this scene in the la femme nikita remake, point of no return, in which maggie, bridget fonda's character moves to venice beach california to set up shop and at some point she's walking down the main drag and this guy who appears in the movie but actually lives and skates all over venice playing guitar and singing rolls by and i always found that guy fascinating because venice is one of those places that only that sort of thin g can happen. it's kind of like the kinds of beggars i used to see on the train in the 90's. problemed people with a really good routine that always got some change out of the rubes. you don't see that kind of freakiness anymore. until now.

this guy is big pimpin'. i can even do him justice because you can't see his big bootsy collins glasses and his white cowboy shoes. it was a magnificent site. it was a geniune pleasure to see this guy strut on and off of the train. godspeed big pimpin'. godspeed.

—the bastard

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