Thursday, September 28, 2006

...on more departures

...or on indigestion

last night the bastard went out to bid a fond fairwell to jimmy 3000 as he leaves our fair state for north carolina which seems to be becoming, much to north carolina's chagrin, new new york. 3k has had enough of gotham or in his case, suburbia and besides, it's gotten expensive to live here. the bastard makes a decent buck but, i'm also doing a bunch of side stuff just to get by. so, it's off to the near south for mr and missus 3000 and their daughter for a brighter tomorrow.

don't let the top image fool you, 3k didn't work with me at killing stuff monthly. he was a good friend of mine from when i worked at "computer magazine that was doomed to failure weekly". he was my IT guy and he came down to my office to get coffee. we traded off on a lot of good music because this was during the halcyon days of napster. i owe a great deal of the fact that i prefer to walk down the street listening to gomez to this man (besides, nothings better than macking down the street to detroit swing 66 on the right day of the week). anyway, the art's there because we went out to dinner at this place and i believe the bastard ate an entire petting zoo while i was there. i'm kind of on meat overload at the moment so i think i'll have to take a breather for a little while. get a little greens in my life perhaps.

—the bastard

P.S. as a little bonus batter, the bastard got himself on a little bit of a cthulhu kick while looking for art for this post and i came across this little redoctoring of a chick comic tract for your viewing pleasure. just know now that the elder gods are coming and everyone is doomed.


Anonymous said...

It was fun just watching you guys....I've never seen j3k sweat so much in my life, except for when we used to **snif** work out in the dungeon, and he would be on the treadmill running like a shoggoth was 10 seconds behind him--


bastard central said...

nicely done. he will be sorely missed. a gaping alt rock hole has been left out on long island which will no doubt give rise to an imbalance of good charlotte fans or something nightmarish like that