Monday, May 07, 2007

...on fly whips

so the bastard has been taking to watching sucker free countdown on mtv2. coming out of the stop n shop yesterday, the chairman was explaining the state of the hip hop nation. this all stemmed from the fact that the number one song this week (which is i'm throwed by paul wall) is god awful. maybe it's just my taste in hip hop. then again i haven't bought anything with a beat since pre millenium tension by tricky. anyway, the chairman says that nothing really good comes out until late spring or november. either said label is trying to catch the christmas market or they are trying to put out this summer's hot jam. oh well. i guess that's mass marketing for you.

so i was noticing that there was this mini van parked under the bastard's window. and the mini van was rockin' it's own gangsta logo. apparently even soccer mom's have crews. apparently even soccer mom's are HAHD. one could even argue that maybe somewhere in the greater forest hills area, there is a soccer mom who's out there rockin' her own fly ass grill. ridin' around, king of the town, i always got my windows rolled down. oh wait, gotta get the kids to soccer practice and then to the pta meeting...i'm throwed

—the bastard


The Chairman said...

When I'm on that beat I'm a beast
I ain't never came weak
Got a mouth full of diamonds
You can hardly hear me speak
Especially when it sound like dis (dis)
It's that H-Town baby and you know what it is
I'm throwed
Got styrofoam cup full of bar
I'm throwed
Four deep in my old school car
I'm throwed
Show Cali why I'm bangin the screw
Its the Ice Man baby and you know what it do
I'm throwed

bastard central said...

well it's good to know that SOMEONE is throwed

The Chairman said...

I'm slidin on glass threes, inhalin the chronic trees
Pack protection cuz player hatin spread like STD's.. I'm throwed

bastard central said...

could any hell be more real?

or now?