Friday, May 18, 2007

...on mulletude

this actually happened at lunch yesterday. the bastard didn't get outside for lunch today as it's totally sucking outside. well that's not 100 percent true. the bastard did step outside the say hello to the ladyfriend. her printer isn't working right and she needed me to print something up for her so i headed downstairs for a brief chat this morning. it makes the morning so much nicer. anyway, yesterday, chicago jerkface, jiffy pop, and myself went across town for some popeyes fried chicken (kfc my ASS) and en route back, we saw this majestic plumage exiting from what appeared to be the heavens.

OK QUICK SIDEBAR: scoop, my former right hand and best lucky enabler loves mullets. loves em more than life itself. so when i sees em, the bastard stalks them because out in l.a. the plumage is apparently a little bit more polished, thus rendering it lackluster. in her opinion, there is nothing better than a femmullet and a foreigner t-shirt. so, i do this.

however, someone had caught me mid hunt and thusly gave me the stink eye. undaunted, i kept at it. enjoy. COME ON! ENJOY!

—the bastard


Anonymous said...

i love him very much! is that paris hilton to his left?

bastard central said...

why yes. yes it is. she's engaging in her "trademark" good behavior that got her sentence halved