Thursday, January 03, 2008

god damn it's cold

so the bastard woke up to the banging and the clanging that comes with living in an old building and i have to say that since my landlord fixed the leak in the roof.

but when i got outside this morning, it was muthafucking cold yo!

all of my coworkers from jersey had shit ass commutes.

and i discovered nasal spray. it was liek discovering fire. only it was nasal spray.

you see, the bastard has a cold. fortunately, his body decided to wait until the end of the holiday to inform him of this sickness so i can't complain too much. but the last 48 hours have been relatively sleepless due to the fact that i feel like i'm drowning every time i lay down. so last night, the bastard bought drugs.

lots of drugs.

but i didn't take the spray for fear that it would screw up my sleep, which at this point seems redundant since my sleep was disrupted anyway by my drowning last night. anyway, i used the spray and all of a sudden, there was this curious stuff going through my nostrils that vaguely smelled like oxygen. the bastard was so happy.

i hope it doesn't fuck up my sleep.

—the bastard

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