Thursday, January 03, 2008

where's jonny airplanes, special love letter edition

over the weekend, the forever wild bunch met up for our yearly memorial breakfast.

early this year due to jonny airplanes' governmental obligations.

while eating, the bastard was discussing how due to his bringing a shiv in his luggage wherever he goes (come on, you never know who is going to need to be knifed in this country), the transportation safety administration, searches his bag.

also they always leave the bastard a note. it usually reads as follows:

dear bastard,

due to the fact that you've place yet another sharp edged impleeement (they misspell it, government employees and all that) in your rucksack, we had to go through your shit. please accept this little note as a token of our suspiciousness. please also take note that we didb't steal your tequila out of your bag that was wrapped up in your socks (hey, a bastard has to drink you know).

love always,

big brother

so last night, i get a text from jonny airplanes (back in virginia):

"got a love letter"



now at this point, i've worked 12 hours so i don't get who tsa is so i text back

"is tsa some chick you met on the plane?"

"in my luggage, tansportation safety assoc"

and then it hits me. i need some sleep.

"made a mess" he finishes up with.

you have to love some of our more federally protected employees. can't even fold his shit up after they look through it. he's out there stealing office supplies for our freedom you know.

—the bastard


Anonymous said...

airplanes is in the FL today
be back in the VA on monday

Anonymous said...

looks like key west by 4/15/08