Monday, February 25, 2008

contents may shift while in transit

the bastard knows that you're really caught up in the whole, feeling less like a man because the train just shifted and you thought that you really didn't need to hold onto anything but your wall street journal but, when you full on fell into me, instead of saying nothing, the phrase you should have been looking for was:

A: sorry buddy.

B: excuse me.

C: whoops, my bad.

D: hey buddy, can't you see i'm falling here

any of the above would have been acceptable. it would prevent the bastard from thoughts like:

A: you're and asshole.

B: i hope you die or at least have an amusing pratfall in my presence.

C: you're a dick.

D: you suck at living.

and that as they say is that. i was kind of hoping for the pratfall though. oh well, coffee.

—the bastard

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