Monday, February 25, 2008

...on gunsmoke

so i get this email from bobble. apparently the chairman went to the range. wait let me back up.

FLASHBACK: so the bastard was at the gun show, or rather, i was taking a cab back to my casino-less hotel, and my driver looked like captain lou albano in a fez and the fez was advising me to go to this shooting range outside of town to experience shooting a 50 caliber machine gun for 20 dollars a round. earlier in the week at an industry dinner, the ceo of a company in my industry was telling me about this place in texas where wild boar is hunted 24/7/365 because they have become a dangerous nuisance species (imagine a species that reproduces kind of as much as rats or maybe dogs but they grow up to be 500 pounds, an ornery disposition and TUSKS, as well as a healthy desire to kill you).

so i passed these nuggets along to the chairman. and there he is, firing an uzi. also shot was an m-16, an mp5, and a thompson submachine gun.

which he was scolded for not respecting enough.

"you better RESPECT THAT WEAPON or i might just have to shoot you. that gun killed REAL nazis. so respect that weapon"

glad to see the chairman has found something to do with things that have killed nazis. excellent.

—the bastard


jonny airplanes said...

did you go to?

bastard central said...


i got this pic over the weekend.

don't you read?

jonny airplanes said...

i read but must have missed that. you write alot and bounce around.
At least i try. bitch

bastard central said...

eat it jerkpiece