Sunday, March 23, 2008

...the bastard has seen his future

it's early.

well not THAT early.

i mean it's almost lunch time in new york but, it's early here.

anyways, the rudest thing happened to the bastard in the coffee shop.

well not really really rude but, pretty much the rudest thing that has happened to me since the boy moved to tucson.

old man.

looks like a hobo (the boy prefers to call them hobos instead of homeless. the bastard prefers no shoulders small tooth jones or old barb stab you quick), probably wasn't but he sure was disheveled.

anyway, he's getting his coffee, and after he gets, i go around him but apparently, the bastard didn't cut old ahab a wide enought birth. mostly because, he, rather than turn to his right and go on his way, turned directly around got all up ons and said "excuse me" in his gruffest tone, to which i responded, "relax tiger".

the barrista flummoxed just smiled and took my order. every always smiles in dining establishments in this town. that's why i keep getting my coffe at this place when i'm out here. also, it's the only coffee shop the bastard can find other than the it's a grind on oracle and while the coffee there is ok, i can't help feelign like the opening credits of weeds when i walk into the place.

but then i thought about it, is this my future?

chubby little fat man?

brushing up against people and trying my best to make them feel like assholes?

i hope not.

it's totally going to ruin my golden years if i become a hobo and i don't think my ladyfriend wants to grow old with me in a refrigerator box.

—the bastard


The Chairman said...

mmmmmmmm mulligan stew

bastard central said...

oh i love to live the hobo


cutting up people with mah hobo


someone is gonna get cut tonight you effing nogoodnick