Monday, March 17, 2008

...on amateurs

so this crane collapsed over the weekend uptown and this prompted the bastard to take
local streets to my ladyfriend's place instead of the fdr drive. and travelling uptown, on 3rd avenue, he was reminded of two things.

firstly, that he is part irish.

and secondly, he can't stand saint patrick's day.

especially when it falls near a weekend.


well i'll tell you shiteyes. because every stupid, fratboy/sorority girl jackass sees it as a chance to get drunk and clog up the frikkin street with his/her drunken wearing green, drinking green budweiser, acting like asshole shenanigans. there's nothing that sets a better example to folks than running around like jackasses and puking all over the place. thanks to our best and brightest who will no doubt start working on a hedge fund that everyone else in their frat is working on (because qualifications mean SHIT in the face of fraternal nepotism) and command a better salary than actual normal humans. you suck at life.

—the bastard

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