Tuesday, April 15, 2008

this weak is magazines...

working in the shooting sports industry does afford the bastard exposure to many odds and sods of the magazine industry. it also affords me exposure to many interesting characters in the hunting and fishing field. i mean case in point. for instance, i see ted nugent more often than i see most of my relatives. also i met a guy who organizes night hunts for wild boar in the south. before you get nutty, wild boar are a nuisance species and reproduce like rats....only they are 500 pound rats that destroy crops and are not indigenous to the place in question (the bastard sure as shit ain't tell you where). anyway, left hand rob and i get to see some pretty...........um.......... let's say, unique looking magazines. so we thought to share.

but this leads to this weak's magazine. wild boar usa is a niche publication for the wild boar hunting enthusiast. and on the cover (this wasn't my first issue) the is a little bit of jesus on every cover. it's digest size, like everyday food, or readers digest and most articles come in 14-16 point type. my copy is currently entertaining the new photo editor of killing stuff monthly who oddly enough, is a vegetarian. which means more beef jerky for me when it comes around.

—the bastard

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