Wednesday, May 07, 2008

...on the longest wait ever

the bastard loves his neighborhood.

he really does.

but while he does.

he sometimes sees it's inherent flaws.

there is a blogger i go to on a regular basis. and sometimes i take his suggestions.

and sometimes i wish i didn't like tonight.

the chairman and i went to the bonfire grill on austin street once and it was one of the best burgers i've had for a great while.

the chairman and i went back a few weeks later and the burger was still good but the service was fucking abominable and we decided to not go back until they work out the kinks.

we went back again tonight and once again, the burger was fantastic, dare i say, better than the first time.


there was no reason for us to wait over an hour for the burger. not even for a burger that could change the world. and this is the problem with the hood.

you see, forest hills is in a state of becoming...potentially.

and nice restaurants have moved in because, they want manhattan style eateries.

but they don't give manhattan style service. the bastard has spoken about this with regard to a certain overly praised pizza place on ascan avenue which shall remain nameless and it's plain and simple.

you have to step up.

look, we gave the waiter a proper tip when all was said and done (even thought he was astonished and told his coworker so as the chairman walked right past him as he was flummoxed by the fact that these two guys actually tipped him. by the by john our waiter, bad move dick), it wasn't his fault. tonight it was the kitchen.

it's a hamburger. you're not saving lives. well maybe you could have but i nearly expired on the chair waiting for it. the bastard won't be going back for a while. it's a shame, it's a good burger.

—the bastard

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tim said...

Burgers come and go, every neighborhood, in what I will call the "Outer Borough Renaissance", worth it's salt has a joint with a good burger. judge Roughneck and I walked by that place and decided the vibe was for shit so we went elsewhere, after your review, I'm glad we did.

And it's just as much the waiter's fault as the kitchen's. The waiter has several options in order to get the kitchen to pick up the pace and often times the kitchen is actually slowed down by the waitstaff, don't be so quick to throw the griller under the grill. If he was surprised you tipped him/her that mean that he/she knew they dida subpar job.