Monday, May 05, 2008

walking after midnite...

...or gauntlet of assholes

so after a tasty margarita or two and some tasty mexican food, i had to run out to the drugstore rather late as one of us had an upset stomach. on my way past my ladyfriend's doorman, i ask where a 24 hour drugstore was and he pointed me in the direction of park and 23rd.

it's late and some asshole is yelling happy cinco de mayo (on may 3rd) to passers bay.

as the bastard walks underneath his window he yelss, "hey. hey mister clean, happy cinco de mayo"

now figuring from a quick assessment of my periphery that i am th eonly bald man on 23rd at the tim i asume it's me, without fliching, i ratchet my middle finger skyward.

drunk asshole screams back, "i love you man"

i love you too stupid. i hope you fall out the window too.

—the bastard

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