Wednesday, May 14, 2008

where's scoop part 4

3:15 pm: little rock, memphis by 5

we're shipping the book so, aside from the hive mind not being around for whatever reason, it's all about the shipping.

—the bastard

in a special report which the bastard can only describe as "a me too update", jonny airplanes reports that he is back in virginia from his current base of operations in key west florida.

call it good timing.

call it good times.

but most definitely call it.

1 comment:

jonny airplanes said...

Memphis. I loved memphis. I hope Scoop Eats at Doe's or Joe's can't remember but was great meat. Then of to BB king's or King palace cafe. All located on Beale. Then see can sing walkin in memphis with her feet 10 feet off of beale. Go Scoop Go!