Thursday, June 05, 2008

...on the bus tips moves above ground

you know,

you'll find all sorts of characters on the bus.

and monday evening was no slouch.

we saw this guy who looked like pete wentz if he was a modern primative. asllthough one wonders how one can be a modern primative but use modern technology. it's kind of like a bullshit amish movement. i don't know someone explain it to me. anyway, he sort of looked like a slightly gayer pete wentz (from fallout boy, keep up, will ya) and he drew my attention because he was singing out loud.

and thus drew everyone else's attention. this remind the bastard of this guy the chairman saw who was riding no hands down metropolitan avenue shouting, "THIS IS MY LIFE", while he was doing his trash on sunday. i kind of hope that it's the same guy. because it's how i pictured him.

—the bastard

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