Wednesday, June 11, 2008

...on inconsideration

now the bastard actually has other things to post but, this stands out as my ride back to queens tonight was less than stellar.

i was tired from my evening out with the boy and my ladyfriend and the e train was a little crowded and some guy that crashed into DID make good on that crash and held the door for me which made me feel really bad for threatening to stab him in the neck (the bastard really does HAVE to stop doing that).

but this douchebag took the cake. now the bastard has already gone over the phenomina that is people and their phones and their ringtones but, i had to go back to the well and bring this guy in. nothing says "things to do on the subway" like playing your frikkin phone tones for all of us to hear. thanks dick, we all need to hear a midi version of la cucaracha. dick. more to come later when i feel more able. lots of spam to do and not too much time to do it in.

—the bastard

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