Friday, June 27, 2008

...on seconds

FIRST: on return visits

the last time the bastard was in vegas, he went back to a big name place called delmonicos which three years ago was the site of the greatest steak i ever had.

and i have always been of the sort that going back and having something again is always a disappointment.

i mean the running man totally sucked when i saw it 10 years later. SUCKED!

but going back to delmonicos last february, it wasn't just as good as i remember it, it was better. and i wasn't just saying it to make chicago jerkface cry. the bastard said so because it was. it was like reliving a happy memory while almost dropping someone's soup on myself.

this happened again tonight. i invited my ladyfriend to come along with the boy and i to get barbecue at fette sau with saxomafone. now, the bastard has spoken of this place in the past and i have to say, it was so much more fantastic than the last time i went. they had smoked pork chops. SMOKED PORK CHOPS. on the way out, some old biddies in crocs had asked us if the place was good and i said yes. but then they asked if they had vegan food as well and i started explaining how it wouldn't make sense to smoke tofu and my ladyfriend just leaned in and said,

"if you like meat, then you'll like this"

both poignant and pointed in it's wisdom

SECOND: slowly i turned

on the way home, the bastard was too meat coma'd out to drive like a champ, like i ever could drive like a champ (shut up now, you know who you are) and we got on the bqe which made it impossible to get on the williamsburg bridge so we had to take the brooklyn bridge instead. this led to us being able to see the waterfall installation under the brooklyn bridge. it was really beautiful. and max and my ladyfriend had a an actual conversation. i really want them to get along. it looks promising. it was a good night.

—the bastard


jonny airplanes said...

sounds like a good time. Did not realize that a mountain spring sprung up in the Brooklynn bridge. Must have been an earthquake. Man i miss alot in the cg.

bastard central said...

yeah, well since tribulation is coming, and one of the signs is a waterfall springing from the brooklyn bridge and all.

well, you do the math

Anonymous said...

I miss the bqe. I do not miss getting a flat on the bqe. I'm really glad they're getting along and hanging out.

bastard central said...

all the bastard wants is for everyone to get along. or to win in two out of three falls. whichever is more entertaining