Tuesday, July 08, 2008

...on slacking

...and affronts to the natural order of things

so i've been slacking lately but, when it comes to spending time with the boy or blogging, the bastard has to go with spending time with the boy.

which is followed directly by working on the magazine and then the devil's work.

but i did get one gem.

i mean seriously, this is right up there with men who wear uggs. this ain't right. you look like a dope (first off) but more importantly, it kind of smacks of everything that is wrong with manhattan parenting.

let's see (allthough not pictured), clever catch phrase, check.

ummmmm, push broom mustache that you want to ironically look like it's right out of tom of finland but actually makes you look like mike farrell instead, check.

oh, and fucking CROCs, check.

it just comes off as highly immasculating. i mean, the bastard could be wrong but.....

talk about your crimes against nature. then again the bastard was sort of trespassing in a playground in peter cooper village so what the hell do i know

—the bastard


jonny airplanes said...

It's ok to slack i have not been reading either. First time in over a week. But i don't blame the boy, I blame the seas and cuba.

bastard central said...

you're still alive?

i wouldn't know unless i heard it from my parents, who have to pry it from my brother